A new concept in internet advertising has arrived.

Advertising on the internet used to be all about banner ads, ppc and getting popups in front of people.  As people have grown accustomed to these methods they have become less effective.  The old pop ups no longer work because we now have blockers keeping them at bay.  Too, companies are always looking for fresh and new concept in internet advertising to impact people with their ads.  For the last decade websites have introduced more and more advertising on them. Also, More and more advertising is hidden in links in the site information its self making it difficult to differentiate between content and advertising “content”.  Advertisers are getting trickier and trickier to hide ads so they seem like real content.

One new concept in internet advertising being used is by a company called viglink.

Viglink’s new concept in internet advertising is to wrap the whole website in code that causes automatic links to any listed product in the story or blog.  They have developed relationships and deals with over 35,000 companies to pay commissions on clicks on links or sales from the links through an affiliate program.  Virtually every company has affiliate programs now where individuals or businesses can sign up and be paid for referring a customer to them.  Even Home Depot on the net has an affiliate program as does Amazon.com.  Some pay well, some don’t pay too well…back to viglink’s new concept in advertising.

viglink automatically turns every product name or entity into a link where they give information about the word or entity.  When you come across an automatic link a box comes up and gives you the option to learn more by following the link.  If you follow the link and it results in a sale from one of the 35,000 businesses you get a commission.  Just clicking on some links will generate income in some cases.  This is an extremely easy way to earn money with a blog or article.  You can find out more information about Viglink’s new concept in internet advertising through the automatic link.  And, Yes they have an affiliate program as well.

  How does Viglink make money from this new concept in internet advertising?

Viglink gets a percentage of every sale your links generate.  They do the work and you make money just by providing content through which they can plant automatic links for the companies’ products. Once the code is on your site in the html code of the template  this new concept in internet advertising begins automatically advertising (without you doing a thing!)

This new concept in internet advertising is brainless.

The company- Viglink-has done all the hard work.  You must fill out a tax id form to get paid by this new concept in internet advertising…the cool thing is that if you have good content on your site it will result in automatic sales at some point.//

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new concept in internet advertising

I found out about viglinks new concept in internet advertising and am using it.


If you claim to be  Christian or claim to be a red-blooded good ole American you must see this leaked video about your future!


There is trouble afoot for America!  The right will seem wrong and the wrong will seem right.  If you dare….watch this video about where we are headed with our American heritage, our city laws, protection of free speech, the right to demonstrate (peacefully) and all the other so called rights you are told you have! If you claim to be Christian I hope it makes your blood boil and you share it!

This should make you madder than a redneck with no more beer. Really!  I hope this fires you up!  You need to wake up America, this is happening here….now….in our midst!   You need to understand, Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.  Look at the vulgar, vile, and murderous intent of this crowd….and do you understand that it is not JUST CHRISTIANITY  that Islam is hostile toward.


These youth are taught and encouraged to act this way.  What kinds of sleeper cells are building in our communities?  This leaked video shows the true intent toward those who claim to be Christian in this country.  If you claim to be Christian as 86 % of this country does how does this sit with you?  Did these guys do ANYTHING wrong?  Were they inciting the riot, or, did they just stand and take it, turn the other cheek, or spit vulgarities and swear and curse back?  What happens when these young Muslim “haters” get into political office and become judges and lawyers and begin to exchange our law for Sharia?  It’s already happening!!!! Last year in A court case in Florida the judge used Sharia go to www.aclj.org/sharia-law  to rule on a case of a Muslim man who beat his wife.  Under Islamic law it is ok for a man to beat his wife if she is out of line or to kill his daughter if it is perceived she may have fallen in love or kissed a boy, been on a date etc..WAKE UP America!

I am not looking for Jihad or the devil under every rock… but if we just ignore this what will happen to our country?  Have you been paying attention to world politics? watching France, Algiers, Al-Qaeda, Denmark, Netherlands etc…?

If you claim to be Christian, how Christian are you?

claim to be christian

Are you Christian because you were born in America? Because you go to church?  Because you are a good person?  Because you don’t swear, because you eat only Kosher hot dogs? Wait, thats Hasidic. Or because you truly believe Jesus died for you and you are a submitted follower of His with his Lordship reigning on the throne of your heart.  How much sin is allowable in your life>  sleeping with someone, sex out of marriage, secret sin, steal from God, alcoholism, pornography, abortion, marital infidelity, lie, proud, boasters, lovers of self rather than lovers of God?  If you claim to be Christian, you better wake up and confess your sin to God and take an active role in your faith.  “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  It is easy to claim to be Christian.  But does your life show it? Do your speech and actions show it? Do you actually stand for what is right-in the eyes of God, or what is perceived right by the mind of man?  The two are different in many cases and growing to a greater polarity daily.


Society and our culture see your claim to be Christian and if it is true, you will be persecuted for your stand.

Do you stand on moral truth, scriptural truth, absolutes, principle in the face of growing moral relativism and lack of Godly conviction?  If you do the promise of persecution is ours.  Just like this blog.  I will get notes about being intolerant and hateful…when I have said nothing hateful yet stand on Godly principles of truth.  It is not I who said it but God first.  If you claim to be Christian, then take this and share it and pray for our country.  Pray for the bride of Christ to wake up and become pure and spotless as intended, Pray for wisdom and revelation and a hunger for the Bread of life and Pray for forgiveness.  Blessings to you and your family as the clouds darken and the day draws near!

Americans who claim to be Christian wake up

I am making the call….wake up American Christian!!! I will get lots of hate mail for this call to action I’m sure-because we are luke -warm.  We have allowed our leaders and politicians to direct this country into a communistic, socialistic, no-God in school, if it feels good do it, relative moralistic, abortion, pornography infested culture.  May God have mercy on America.  Wake up America! Wake up Beautiful Bride oh my bride WAKE UP!

claim to be Christian

clouds of war gather as Jihad called against the claim to be Christians


Ninja secret to keep in touch with contacts



It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketer or a friend if you keep in touch you will be more successful in the relationship!

Everyone knows that the trick to building an online presence and following is to:

keep in touch…

By not losing contact with a friend, prospect or client you are strengthening the relationship.  A strong relationship will produce more sales.  Examples are newsletters, rss feeds, and auto responders, social media and so on.  I will address just the basic concept of one mode of continual contact in this blog.  I have recently been dealing with a very professional business called Constant contact, they along with many other companies provide tools and support for staying in contact with your friends, clients, and prospects through recurring mailings to their e-mail address.  These people are captured somehow either a capture page or other method and given a form asking for permission to add them to your contact list.

If they choose yes then you can legally contact them to

keep in touch

with them.  Sometimes a marketer or company will offer a newsletter to subscribe to which once you subscribe to will get you regular mailings usually containing ads and somethimes (hopefully, ) helpful content for you to enjoy or use.

ALL THESE KEEP IN TOUCH methods must be accompanied with disclaimers and a way to unsubscribe to be legal.

companies have found opt-in lists to be a very lucrative way to sell their items and keep in touch for future sales.

Once contact is established a company like AWeber keeps the e-mail addresses in a data base and gives you tools to send pre written messages at regular intervals, tools to track responses and tools to follow up with your contacts.

Successful internet marketers use these tricks to keep in touch and convert sales.

This tactic or method is referred to as “building a list” and it is commonly held that the list is the “KEY” to your success and it stands to reason that using advanced tools to “KEEP IN TOUCH” with your list will be one more key factor in your ultimate internet marketing success.  To see a capture page and learn about how I am building a successful list go here:  Successful list builders

learn other internet secrets to marketing here free video tips.

keep in touch

keep in touch for good list building





var vglnk = { api_url: ‘//api.viglink.com/api’,
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hot button

my hot button is relaxing vacations on the beach

Tapping into your hot button empowers you and will bring a new dimension to achieving your goals.

For many years motivational coaches have taught the powerful concept of placing a picture of something deeply yearned for in front of you (your hot button) to help you focus and give you the reasons to do all the hard work that you have to slog through to make something happen.  Effective business builders in mlm and other business structures including brick and mortar–sell dreams.  Then they tell you they can help you achieve your dreams.  Desire comes into play for every person alive.  There is something you want even if its just more time to spend with your kids.  Every one has a hot button and if you can tap into that hot button you tap into a powerful internal dynamic of the subconscious mind.

Everyone has a hot button, finding yours is easy.

Make a list of things that are important to you.  The most important things of all.  Issues, job, career, goals etc…  When you begin free writing your mind will just go.  Let it flow freely.  What do you really want and yearn for?  Once you have a list pare it down to one main category that catches everything.  This is your dream, or hot button.  Now you have to develop this dream or (hot button) by making it tangible.  You have to believe it is attainable.  Make it stronger, feed the desire by looking at pictures, let it sink into your soul.  Feel the hot sand between your toes and watch the sunset in your mind.  Develop all the details of your hot button.  This is what will empower you when the slogging gets tedious and seemingly unproductive i.e. The late nights up writing blogs when you must be up at 3am.  Put pictures up that you will see everyday.  When you feed your hot button it will grow into a powerful ally in achieving what you want.  Feed it and develop it until it is an unquenchable fire that drives you.  This is hot button power.  It is recognized by psychologists as one of the most powerful motivating forces within us.

hot button

my hot button is warm beaches and palm trees

Your biggest desire or HOT BUTTON will be one of the main factors of your success in achieving your goals.  There are many others which will be addressed later in the blogs.  It is crucial to your success to develop- as a first step-your hot button(s) you can have more than one.

Your hot button is the first rung on the ladder of success.

Sussess  doesn’t just come to us.  We must work hard at it and having all the reasons why you are working so hard at the front of your mind will drive you forward.  You must couple your desire with action and keep doing effective actions to be effective.  The power of a hot button will destroy all the forces that do harm to your dream like: procrastination, not doing actions in line with your goals, and allowing feelings of failure or helplessness to immobilize you.  Set a goal (have a dream)  feed the dream until it is a burning hunger that you must have and work toward it!  Build on your small successes and ramp up momentum and keep your eye on the prize you want!  Your hot button will see you through.  Blessings in all you do!

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hot button

empower yourself by developing your hot button




To empower yourself learn to speak faith


empower  yourself

empower yourself. To empower is to enable to achieve.

To empower yourself is to realize that there’s really nothing you can’t do. (faith)

To empower yourself is to grow into a place of inner power through understanding yourself, your limitations, your mindsets, your habits and your behaviors.  Self reflection and self-awareness are key  to begin your journey.  I always felt under the power and control of alcohol. I got to a place where I was drinking every day to escape the drudgery of my life.  One day after having been dry for about 9 months I found something out that devastated me and I used it as an excuse to get drunk.  The person that let me down was really upset that I “ran to the bottle” and apologized for “making me drink.”  I said, “You didn’t make me drink. It’s not your fault…It was all my choice. I chose to drink.”  and that’s when it hit me–I had made the choice to drink.  I did it.  Nobody forced me.  I didn’t have to do it…I had made the choice justifying it because of my “hurt”.

empower yourself

I made the choice

Begin with your mind to empower yourself.

You empower yourself  by changing attitudes and perceptions and reactions to a certain stimuli or event.  How you see something is not necessarily how it is.  When you get your feelings hurt and become offended by some remark do you think the other person meant to offend?  Did you perceive the comment as hurtful based on a past experience, based on a previous conversation with that individual that may have left you slighted and now you transfer that to this comment from them.  9 times out of 10 people DO NOT INTEND TO OFFEND it is misconstrued or taken wrong.  Start evaluating your responses and attitudes.  Focus on being self-aware.  This is a daily exercise.  I call it “living consciously.”  Have you ever stopped for gas and forgot if you put your gas cap back on?  I am deliberate about it.  I think about it.  Same with taking medicine.  Be deliberate.  Think to yourself…I’m taking my medicine now.  It’s 9 a.m. and I am taking it with milk in the kitchen.  This exercise will cause you to be self-aware.  Instead of just doing things make a mental note about it with details attached.  I started my journey of being self-aware by practicing smiling more.  I think about it on the way to work.  I think about it during the day.  I am consciously aware of whether or not I am smiling.  I think about how it feels at the corners of my mouth etc…. I am now aware of smiling and have rolled other things into it as a prompt.  When I think about smiling I think “am I standing tall, am I making eye contact when I greet some one?”  All these details are prompted when I think about smiling.  Get into your head to empower yourself.  Learn who you are. Think about what makes you happy, sad, resentful and angry.  How do you respond to those emotions?  Could you respond differently?  All these things will empower you to become self-aware.

Learn the language of faith to empower yourself.

empower yourself

The bible is what empowers my faith

What is the language of faith?  It starts with realizing that you can do and accomplish what you want.  There is a saying among motivational speakers”what ever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”  It is easy to come up with an idea but if you don’t believe it can be done you will not work toward it.  Why bother right?  why waste the energy if its not doable?  Speak positive to yourself.  Stop limiting yourself with excuses and limits.  Build on successes and have faith that you can really do the things you have inside you.  No doubt, they will take effort to accomplish…but if you believe it you will be empowered to do it.  It will drive you from inside.  Your subconscious mind will be dictating and putting together the steps needed to accomplish the task all behind the scenes!  So…practice the language of faith to empower yourself.  Start with small goals that you want to accomplish and build on your successes.  Lay out a clear path and put action to your belief because with out action nothing will happen.  Speak and build up your faith to empower yourself… Stop speaking negative to yourself to empower yourself.  Have you ever heard someone doubt themselves or speak negatively to themselves.  It is painful to hear and most of this self talk is pounded into us from other negative sources, parents, music etc… To have victory here you must put good things into your mind/soul through your ears and eyes.  Some of the rap music is so negative and demeaning to women that the people who listen to it become identified by the music.  Think about it.  Think about a girlfriend of a gang member in L.A.  Do you think she feels value or do you think she sees herself as a hoe with no potential, being used up and finding escape in drugs and alcohol.  Even in that case if she can conceive of a better life and believe that she could have a better life then she will work toward that end consciously and subconsciously.  If applied, these dynamics will help you to empower yourself.

empower yourself

I empower my faith with the Bible



 To empower yourself  in faith you go to the source of faith.  There is true empowerment found in scripture to change mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors.  To understand your identity and the spiritual laws that rule the universe.  I  empower my faith through this great and powerful resource which has helped me have victory and slay the dragons in my life.  If you want true power and to really empower yourself read the Bible and pray for God’s help in your life and He will empower you with His Power which is above all else and when applied with your understanding of who you are will radically change your life and perceptions!

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empower yourself

empower yourself with faith

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